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Curfew is Partially Lifted in Saudi Arabia

The Custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Salman, has ordered the partial lifting of a curfew across Saudi Arabia, with the exception of the holy city of Makkah and adjacent places previously isolated after a COVID-19 outbreak.
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1 — Curfew is partially lifted in all the regions of the Kingdom starting today 26-April-2020 till 13th may 2020. Residents of all the cities are allowed to go out between 9:00 am till 5:00.
Mekkah al Mukaramah, and other neighborhoods which are isolated earlier will remain under 24 hour curfew.
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2 — Order also allowed the opening of some economic and commercial activities included whole sale and retail shops and malls from 29th April 2020 till 13th May 2020 from 9:00 am in the morning till 5:00 PM. Beauty clinic, barber shops, sports and health clubs, cinemas and salons will remain closed.
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3 — Allowing contracting companies and factories to return to work without restriction on time depending on nature from 29 April 2020 till 13 May 2020.

4 — Any activity where gathering is more than 5 people is not allowed: such as marriages ceremony and funerals and other activities.
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