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Curfew Imposed in Every City of Saudi Arabia

The Ministry on interior Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken a decision to impose the curfew in rest of the regions across the country as corona virus positive cases has been reported from 41 cities in kingdom.

From tomorrow Wednesday (8-4-2020) the curfew is imposed from 3:00 PM till 6:00 am in every city of Saudi Arabia, this curfew will will be followed till next notice from Ministry of Interior.
The cities where already 24 hour curfew is imposed it will remain same as it was announced previously.
24 Hour Curfew is imposed in these Cities

Citizens and residents are allowed to go out during 6:00 am in the morning to 3:00 PM in the afternoon to fulfill their necessary needs such as buying food or medical issues.
Companies can reduce the salaries and working hours.

Any commercial activity in will not be allowed during curfew hours except Pharmacies – Food Supply Stores – Gas Stations – Banking Services – Maintenance and operation works of electrical, plumbing air conditioning – water delivery services and sewage tanks services. Small vehicle maintenance shops which are located inside gas stations are also allowed