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Curfew Duration Increased in 3 Cities – Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Interior Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken decision to increase the curfew timing in 3 cities where more number of corona patients are detected in last few days.

Initially in Dammam, Taif and Qatif they curfew timing was 7:00 PM till 6:00 am. But per current situation as the number of new corona virus positive cases are rapidly increasing in these regions curfew timing has been increased from 3:00 PM till 6:00 am next day starting from today Friday 3 April 2020.
Citizens and residents are allowed to go out during the period of 6:00 am till 3:00 PM only for necessary needs, like for medical issues or buying food.

The spokes person of Ministry of interior said that imitative is taken as recommend by health department to insure the health and safety of all the citizens and residents living in these cities. And to control the further spread of this new corona virus (COVID-19)
Below tweet is for your reference by Ministry of Interior.