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Curfew 100% Finished in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia lifts the Curfew in all regions of Saudi Arabia from 21 June, Returning to the Normalcy based on the Health authorities recommendation, allowing the return of all economic and commercial activities with full commitment in following the preventive and precautionary measures.
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First : Lifting the curfew completely, Starting at 6 AM in the morning on Sunday, June 21, 2020 AD, in all regions and cities of the Kingdom, and allowing the return of all economic and commercial activities, taking into account the following:
Understanding the full commitment to implementing all the approved preventive protocols for all activities.
1 — Commitment to social distancing and wearing masks, or covering the nose and mouth of everyone.
2 — Human gatherings should not exceed (50) people as a maximum.
3 — All the previous mentioned procedures are subject to periodic evaluation and review by the Ministry of Health.

Second : Umrah and the visiting will continue to be suspended, and this will be reviewed periodically in light of health data.
Third : The continued suspension of international flights, as well as entry and exit across land and sea borders, until further notice.
Fourth : Understanding the imposition of the prescribed penalties on individuals and facilities in violation of the decisions and instructions related to the measures to limit the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

The responsible source stressed the need to sense responsibility by all citizens, resident expatriates and employers, to stick to the precautionary measures and preventive measures, and to stick to the directions issued by the competent authorities.

The source also urged everyone to download the “Tawakkalna” and “Tabaud” applications, because of their great importance in facing this epidemic, and to obtain health instructions, guidance and developments regarding the Corona virus.