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COVID-19 Testing Started at Large Scale

Ministry of Health has expand the scale of corona virus testing. As in last few days big number of Corona Positive cases reported. The Health Minister said our doctors teams are going to different districts door to door and conducting screening and if some one is suspected for COVID-19 positive doctors team are conducting the test and isolating him/her.
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This initiative is taken to identify the patents on early stages and this would help to minimizing the need of hospitalization. Health care team also visiting companies labor camps and testing all their employees. As it was reported that a large number of positive cases are reported in expatriates those are living in labor camps where they cannot maintain the social distance.
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Some labor camps of the companies found where more than 10 workers living in a single room. Ministry is conducting screening of all the employees in suspected labor camps and isolating patients by conducting test. Also ministry and Public security department is evacuating workers and shifting them to schools building until this pandemic remain to maintain the social distancing. Earlier it was reported that 95 workers were living in 2 flats and while testing all 95 workers was COVID-19 positive.
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