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COVID-19 Report – Saudi Arabia (23-4-2020)

The health department of Government of Saudi Arabia announced that 1158 more Corona virus positive cases in 24 hour period. Which is once again the most highest number reported so far in one day. And the toll of infected patients reaches to 13,930 cases.

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So far the highest cases are reported in these 4 cities.

Mekkah —– 3381
Riyadh —— 2679

Madinah —— 2438
Jeddah —– 2

7 more death cases has been reported in 24 hours and total death toll reaches to 121. May Allah be mercy full with all of them.

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113 new recovery cases also been reported across the country in 24 hours. and all thanks to God total 1925 patients has fully recovered after getting infected by corona virus and has been discharged from hospital.

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