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COVID-19 Daily Report – Saudi Arabia

Every day Government is imposing more strict curfew to limit the spread of Corona Virus in The Kingdom, Regardless of so many preventive measure taken COVID-19 virus is not in control and every day numbers are increasing. In last 24 hours 429 New Corona Virus positive cases reported across the country, which brings the total number to 4462 cases.
in last 24 hours the highest cases are reported in Riyadh City, which is 198 cases.
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More 7 Patients has been died, may their sould rest in peace. Total number of death reported in the Kingdom are 59 Patients.

All thanks to God 41 more infected patients are fully recovered in last 24 hours and has been discharged from hospital. Total number or recovered patients are 761 cases. Which are fully recovered now.
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New infected cases are reported in following cities.

Riyadh – 198
Mekkah – 103
Madinah – 73
Jeddah – 19
Dammam – 10
Yanbu – 7
Khamis Mashit – 5
Samtah – 4
Tabuk – 3
Qatif – 3
Taif – 2
Sabiah – 2