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COVID-19 cases could reach up to 200,000 in coming weeks – Health Minister – Saudi Arabia

Health minister Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Said the Corona cases could reach upto 200,000 with in few weeks.

He gave this statement bases on four different studies conducted by saudi and foreign experts. Dr Tawfiq Al- Rabiah said the results so far indicates a constant increase rather than decrease.

He Said the studies predicted the number of infected patients with in next few weeks will be between 10,000 to maximum of 200,000.
New Cases Of COVID-19 reported today in each city of Kingdom.

The Minister said its very important that nation cooperate with the government’s instructions and precautionary measures to reduce the number of infections.

He said there is no doubt, following the preventive and precautionary measures can control the spread of this virus. But ignoring the precautionary measures will lead to huge increase in number of cases.

24 hour Curfew imposed in 11 Cities.

The Health Minister said: We stand with our nation to raising the sense of responsibility and contributing together with determination to stop the spread of this pandemic.

Speech of Excellency the Minister of Health.