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Corona Virus – Infected Number Passes 1 Million

1 Million Cases

More than one million new corona virus cases has been reported across the globe.
More Than 51000 people has died
And more than 208000 has been recovered after getting infected from this deadly virus (COVID-19).

The disease initially emerged in central China 3 months ago. First 2 month the main spread was only china. Then it spread to neighborhood countries like Korea, Bangkok, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and Iran.

Same as Chine in Iran and South Korea the spread was high. In china more than 82000 People get infected and 3300 died. But the recovery rate was good in china as 75000 people has been recovered already in effort of strong precautionary measures was taken by Government of China.
Iran couldn’t handle in a same as china due to lake of medical facilities.

Third big spread was in Italy where the total numbers are passed already 100000 figure. And reported the reported the highest number of death cases in the word so far. Now every country of Europe already get infected by this deadly virus and have the highest numbers as compare to rest of the world.

In United States of America the virus entered by the mid of January 2020. Initially only 2 cases were reported and up to one month spread was comparatively low. But eventually America is the country with highest number of infected patients.