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Companies get green light to reduce salary and working hours

Ministry of Human Resource and social development said to the business those have been effected by the corona virus can cut the salaries and working hours.

Ministry Said: But they may do this only if the employees are agree. And reduced salaries must accurately reflect the working hours.

Ministry also focusing on allay fear in some private sector staff both Saudi and expatriates that unscrupulous employers could use the corona virus crises to exploit their workers.

Ministry said workers can report any violation through the ministry website and social media platforms.

All the employers those took benefit by state subsidy such as 9 Billion Riyal fund generated to compensate the saudi workers for the effects of pandemic, may not cancel the contracts. But employee have a right to resign.

Ministry said the idea behind it to protect the saudi and expatriate employees from the cancellation or loss of contract during pandemic situation. It would help to continue the labor market and reduce the economic effects of virus out break on private sector and protect the interest of both parties.