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Children Vaccination

Ministry of health said due to current situation lot of people are unable to go out, but as it was announced that for health related issues you can go to doctors.
Many of families are postponing their kids vaccine and trying to avoid to go to hospital. People are afraid to take their kids to hospitals because current pandemic of COVID-19.

Ministry said don’t postpone your children vaccine, out health centers have taken all preventive measures to combat the infections. Vaccine is very important for the health of your kids and you should complete their vaccine on time. for your ease you can book the appoint for vaccine for your kids to the nearest clinic to you by out application (Mawid). Or you can call on health helpline 937 to book an appointment.

Expatriates those families are here in Kingdom on visit visas. They can use their on Iqama and use their name to book an appointment for their children.