Expat Documents Iqama

Check Iqama Status (Red, Green, Yellow)

Nitaqat system represents companies with different colors. A higher color means that the company has more Saudi workforce and get more benefits from Govt. There are 6 colors and Categories,

(1) Platinum (2) High Green (3) Medium Green (4) Low Green (5) Yellow (6) Red
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To check the Red and Green status of Iqama, you need to follow these steps:
1 — Open Ministry of Labor Website ( MOL Services Website)
2 — You can translate the page by translation extension in your Browser.
3 — There are 3 options you can choose any one of these three.
(1) Border Number (2) Iqama Number (3) Passport Number
4 — We recommend you to add Iqama Number.
5 — Select your Nationality.
6 — Type the Code
7 — Click on Search Button
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8 — You will see the result as below.
9 — Your Work Number, Name, Work Status, Your Company Legal status, Company Color Classification.
10 — In our Case its Platinum, which is higher than green.