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Check Iqama Expiry Date – Saudi Arabia

Iqama the residence ID card for expats living in Saudi Arabia expires after every one year from its issuance date. Jawazat Don’t print Iqama expiry date on card. Iqama expiry date can be checked by (Absher) Ministry of Interior online portal.

To check your Iqama Expiry you need the Iqama Number. You can check the Iqama expiry date of any one from your Absher account.

If you don’t have an Absher account. Then Create an Absher Account First.

Check Iqama Expiry Date By Iqama Number

We are using Absher website on mobile phone to explain you, on laptop is also same on Absher website.

1– Open the Absher website link on your mobile phone. (www.absher.sa ) and select Individual from the screen.

2– Change the Language into English if required. From the top left corner.

3 — Enter your Iqama number and password and the code given in the image and press login.

4 — Once your press login a new window will open where you have to add 4 digit verification code. You will receive a message on your mobile number of that 4 dight code as below. Type this code in the new window.

5 — Type this code (9875) in the verification code box as above image. and press login button. you will be logged in to your Absher account.

6 — Tap the arrow button to find the option ( Query Iqama Expiry Service) and select it once you find.

7 — In the new window enter your Iqama Number and the code given in the image and press view button.

8 — Once your click view button the date of your Iqama expiry will appear as below picture. 1442/11/16 ( As per Hijri Calendar).