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Check if Any Police Case Registered on Your Iqama

Do you know you can check if there are any Criminal Records on your Iqama through Internet. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) in Saudi Arabia has Launched a new Electronic Service from which you can check any Criminal Case record on your Iqama.

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You must regulary Check your Iqama for any criminal cases, as this can put a ban on you to exit from Saudi Arabia. Either you can’t leave the kingdom before resolving these issues or even cannot take a Final Exit VISA too. Anyhow, you will have to face and resolve current cases registered against your Iqama.

  • Logon to which is the Official website of Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia
  • scroll down and click on “Generalization Report Query” — You can also search Generalization Report Query in search box.
  • On the next page click proceed button.
  • On the top it will show if there is any police case registered against your iqama number.