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How to download Corona Vaccine certificate in Saudi Arabia.

Vaccinated people in Saudi Arabia with first dose or second dose against Covid-1 9 can download their Corona Vaccination certificate through Sehhaty app by following the below procedure. Similar : Register for vaccination against Covid-19 in Sehhaty app Read More : Iqama Cost in Saudi Arabia 2022 Procedure to download Vaccination Certificate from Sehhaty : […]

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New Iqama System for Expats and Their Dependents – 3 Months Iqama Renewal

Ministry of Interior & Jawazat has approved the issuance and renewal of residency permits (Saudi lqamas) along with work permits quarterly (every three (3) months). The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) announced that expatriates in the Kingdom can make quarterly payment of the fee for their dependents and companions when they renew their residency permit […]

Expat Documents Iqama Saudi News

Procedure to Activate ‘Digital lqama’ through ‘Absher Individuals’ for Saudi Expats and Citizens

Saudi Arabia has launched ‘Digital lqama’ for expatriates living in the Kingdom, one can be activate, download and save on his smartphone as Digital ID, It can use at various services without providing your physical iqama. Related : Iqama Transfer and Exit Re-Entry without Kafeel Approval For now, digital iqama can be activate and download […]

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Updated Iqama Fees for 2021 and Dependent fees for 2022

Iqama is a residence permit card for expatriates to live and work in Saudi Arabia. Iqama is issued for one year and to be renew early. To renew the Iqama, employer or employee must pay 3 different fees (1) Work Permit Fees (2) MOI Iqama Fees (3) Health Insurance Fees Saudi Arabia’s Iqama renewal Fee […]

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Update New Passport Information Online (Nakal Maloomat)

Ministry of Interior (ABSHER) Introduce the new procedure to update the passport information after renewal. This procedure allow expatriates to update their dependent passport information (Nakal Maloomat — نقل المعلومات) by them self by online protal of ABSHER, through website or Absher App. Read More : End of Service Benefit Calculator in Saudi Arabia Read […]