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Cancel SIM Card for your Iqama Online

It is a service provided by the communications and information technology commission, which allows the user to report there service provider issues online. If the user is not satisfied with the solution provided or if 5 days have passed without resolving the complaint, the complaint can be escalated to the CITC. This portal is not only for cancelling the SIM card from your ID. You can use this for other complains related to your Number and services you get.
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How to cancel your SIM card from your ID:

1 — Open the CITC Complain portal Click Here —> ( CITC Complain). If you opening it on mobile phone… then on the top right corner you can find three dots. click there select the English language.
2 — Scroll down and click on submit complain button.
3 — Then Select Person or Business.
4 — Next Click on Register under the login section.

5 — Then select Residence ID and click on Next Button.
6 — In the next window add your Iqama Number and Iqama Expiry date.
7 — In next screen you can see your name in arabic, add your Mobile Number and click on next button. you will get an OTP message.
8 — Add OTP code and click on Next button.
9 — Next you have to add your Email Address and press next button.
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10 — Once you click on register button, it will take you to the dashboard of your account and you can see your number and name there.
11 — Click on Submit Complain next to your Number.
12 — Choose cancelling number and Service Provider name.
13 — In the next window you will have to add some detail. which service you required, Which type of SIM you want to cancel and you can add a request message to cancel the number from your Name.