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Barber Shops and Ladies Salons in Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Health, said that activities that do not achieve physical spacing, such as beauty and barber salons and sports clubs, will not return until the Corona pandemic is completely controlled.

They affirmed that they face multiple difficulties due to the suspension of their activities, In addition to that they are obliged to pay rents, electricity bills and salaries to workers, and they face additional costs due to the damage of products inside the shops with the rise of temperature.

Talal Al-Kaabi explained; “Previously,” one of the owners of barber shops, the extent of the damage suffered as an owner of men’s barber shops and said: “We have lost a lot during the past three months, especially as it coincides with the most important seasons of the year for us.”

He added: “We hope that we will be allowed to resume our activities, just like other similar activities such as dental clinics and others.”

And he added: “We welcome any organizational or preventive decisions in the event that we are allowed to resume our activity, and in the event that we are not allowed, we hope that we will be exempt from commercial license fees, social insurance, residency fees and all other fees.”

The affected people made some preventive suggestions, including: “canceling the waiting chairs and adopting the appointment system, in addition to requiring the hairdressers to wear gloves and masks all the time and replace them after each customer, and to provide good ventilation to the shops and other preventive measures.”