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Awdah Initiative – Return Home for all Nationalities

Ministry of Interior announced that registration in Awdah Service ( To Return to your home country ) is available now for all nationalities. Awdah imitative was launched to send those expats to their home countries those wish to return back. Initially it was announced only for citizens of 9 countries but now it has decided to start the registration of all nationalities living in Saudi Arabia.
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All applicants must hold exit re-entry visa or final exit visa or any visit or tourism visa to apply on Absher website. Here is the Complete Procedure.

1- To Apply for return go to Absher website. (www.absher.com)
2- Select Individual from the screen.
3- Change the Language into English if Required.
4- Login window will open. No need to login here, keep scrolling down.
5- At the bottom of the page you can find the Word (Awdah) with airplane logo. Select this.

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No need to login into absher account. keep scrolling down

6- Once yous select “Awdah” option a new window will appear.
7- Select “New Travel Request”.
8- In the Next Window Fill the form with ( Iqama Number – Mobile Number – Date of Birth – and image code which is given) and select continue button.

Select New Travel Request Option

Fill out all the information and select continue.

10- In the next window it will ask for passport detail and departure airport name and arrival airports name. (But in our we make this post only to explain how expats can apply. As you can see we an error appear that we don’t have Exit Re-entry or Final Exit that’s why we cannot proceed further. It also says you can get your Exit Re-Entry first and then apply for this service).