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Awdah Initiative – Absher

Absher (MOI) announced that they have repatriated 12,798 expats from different country through Awdah Initiative from 22 April 2020 up to 3 June 2020. They said we send only those expats, who wish to go back to their countries after the COVID-19 pandemic when all the airports was closed around the world. The process is still on going.

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According to the source, About 178,452 people have registered to be part of Awdah from 22nd April to 3rd June, reports Saudi Press Agency. This service offers to residents who holds exit re-entry visas, final exit visas and those on visit visas.

foreigners in Saudi Arabia can register for repatriation through the Absher by entering lqama number, date of birth, mobile number, departure city and name of the airport in home country.