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Check Haroob Status on Iqama

HUROOB STATUS Huroob means Invalid lqama. When a sponsor registers a runaway complaint against his employee, he or she will become an illegal resident in Saudi Arabia.Here is how to check iqama Huroob status online. You can check the Huroob status in two ways, CHECK HUROOB STATUS ON IQAMA WITH ABSHER WEBSITE. 1 – Visit […]

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Is it possible to issue final exit visa if traffic violation is unpaid ?

You cannot issue a final exit visa for your family members through Absher if you have outstanding traffic violations in your lqama. According to Jawazat, a final exit visa for family members can be issued only after all outstanding traffic violations are settled. By visiting the Absher portal you can check the traffic violations on […]

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Profession Verification program begins from 1st July 2021 in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) in Saudi Arabia has launched the first phase of the Profession Verification program from 1st July 2021, in order to verify the necessary skills required for workers to perform their jobs effectively. All relevant companies shall conduct the examination for their skilled workers by registering through […]

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Saudi Arabia bans entry To and From 4 More Countries

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia announced that Preventing citizens from traveling directly or indirectly, without getting prior permission from the concerned authorities, to Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Vietnam, while continuing to prevent direct or indirect travel of citizens to the previously declared countries, and it was decided to suspend entry from […]