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An Initiative to Send Expats To their Country – Exceptional Cases

The Ministry of Human resources and development working with number of relevant government agencies to take initiative to to send some expats (Exceptionally) to their home countries.

The Initiative is an extension of humanitarian stances by Custodian of two holy mosques, and in response to wish of some expats to return back to their home countries.

The Ministry of Human Resources Stated that, This service allow the companies to apply for leave or final exit for the employees under the exceptional circumstances. (Exceptional – Can be some critical health issue with family. Some very close family member has died or any other).
Request will be reviewed by ministry and will be responded with approval or rejection.

The Ministry explained the condition of service as following:

  1. The service is available to authorized person of the company.
  2. The services if available to use only for current situation. (COVID-19)
  3. The service is available only for those are on job. Any violator who have run away from his company or sponsor cannot avail this opportunity.
  4. Every company can submit one application in 14 days. So he can add the name of all employees in one application to those company want to send on exit. (With complete detail of reason of departure)
  5. Enter the workers name in English as passport.
  6. Companies have to go through from following steps.

Companies authorized representatives can submit these request online on the following link :
The expected time process the application is 5 days, after that ministry accepted your request or not.

Ministry said that even if the application is approved. It will take some time to schedule the flights. As ministries are trying to make arrangements with relevant countries to start exceptional flight operations . once it will be decided they will inform by which airline you can go.