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Again Curfew Imposed in one Region – Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Interior announced that at the recommendation and evaluation of health authorities, the following decisions has been taken and will be implemented from Sunday 3rd May 2020.

First :
Lift the additional precautionary measures previously imposed on 15th April 2020 in Al-Atheer District of Dammam city from tomorrow today Sunday 3-5-2020.
1— Allowing the Residents of the neighborhood to go out to meet their
needs from 9:00 am in the morning till 5:00 PM in the Morning.
2 — Also continuing the work of excluded activities and implement the
precautionary and preventive measure as previously announced.

Implement the additional health preventive and precautionary measures to isolate the Second Industrial City of Dammam city and preventing entering into this area or exit from this area. Starting from Sunday 3rd May 2020 until further notice with exception of shipping and goods transport vehicles.

Third :
Allowing Vital factories to continue there operation inside second industrial city of Dammam with one third of its capacity. And the managers, engineers, workers or any staff will enter inside this area will not be allowed to go out.

Ministry of Interior said that these measures has been taken within the efforts made by Kingdom to preserve the public health and preventing the spread of new corona virus. And subject to continuous evaluation with the health authorities.