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Absher Machine Location in Every City

For every expatriate living in Saudi Arabia Absher account play a very important role, like extension of family visa, Iqama expiry check, Family Insurance, Traffic Violation check, Vehicle Registration Renewal, and many other services can be accessed b Absher Account. Absher is an online portal you can access direct on the Absher Website (www.absher.sa) or you can download the Absher App. After creating your online Abhser account you need to activate it by finger prints on Absher KOISK machine. Which in deployed at many locations across the country.

Below is list of the location in every city where Absher Machine is deployed. Read More: Iqama Cost 2020 in Saudi Arabia


RiyadhRiyadh Passports – King Fahd Road3
RiyadhRiyadh Passports – King Fahd Road (Women)1
RiyadhAl Rimal Passports – Dammam Road1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Washem Branch1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Washem Branch (Women)1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Morouj Branch1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Royal Mall Branch1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Royal Mall Branch Women Section1
RiyadhRiyadh Civil Affairs – Qurtubah Plaza Branch1
RiyadhNasriyah Traffic1
RiyadhAl-Sharg Traffic1
RiyadhRawdah Traffic1
RiyadhTraffic center for e-services – Nasaeem exhibitions1
RiyadhMOI – eServices Terminal, Al Ghadeer district3
RiyadhMOI – e-Communication Center, Morouj district1
RiyadhDallah Hospital – Outpatient Clinic Gate (3)1
RiyadhSecurity Forces Hospital – Reception Gate1
RiyadhKing Fahd Medical City – Main Building1
RiyadhNational Guard Hospital – Surgery Tower Gate No. (2)1
RiyadhKingdom Hospital and Consulting Clinics – Main Gate1
RiyadhKing Faisal Specialist Hospital – Northern Tower1
RiyadhImam Abdurrahman Al Faisal Hospital – Al-Shifa District – Main Gate1
RiyadhKing Khalid University Hospital – Main Gate1
RiyadhKing Saud Medical City (Al-Shimesy) – Internal Medicine Building1
RiyadhPrince Sultan Military Medical City – Admin Building – Building 371
RiyadhDove Plaza – Om Al Hamam, King Khalid Road1
RiyadhRiyadh Mall, Gate No.1 – Rawdah District1
RiyadhKhurais Mall – Gate No. 4 – 1st floor1
RiyadhAl Salam Mall – Gate No. 2 – Exit 271
RiyadhSahara Mall – King Abdullah Rd. – Gate No.21
RiyadhSahara Mall – King Abdullah Rd. – 1st floor, restaurants area1
RiyadhOthaim Mall – Khurais Rd. – 1st floot.1
RiyadhOthaim Mall – Laban District1
RiyadhHyper Panda – Hamra District – Hassan bin Huessein bin Ali St.1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Badiah District – Madinah St. cross Hamza bin Abdul-Muttalib St.1
RiyadhAl-Qasr Mall – Sultanah District – Al Sawaidy St. corss Sultanah St. – 1st floor beside Carrefour1
RiyadhPanorama Mall – Al Takhassusi St. – Gate 5 – Ground Parks1
RiyadhAl Jazeera Markets – Sulaimaniya district, Gate No. 31
RiyadhAl Jazeera Markets – Batha Street1
RiyadhHyper Panda – Al-Rayyan District – Eastern Ring Rd. between 13,14 exits1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Fayhaa District – Al-Imam Al-Shafei St. cross Al-Bayan St.1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Rawaby District – Behind Al-Rajihi Mosque (exit 15)1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Naseem District – Prince bin Saad Abdurrahman Al-Awal Rd1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Nazeem District – Khurees Rd.1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Amseef District Abo – Bakr Al-Siddeq St.1
RiyadhPanda – Qurtuba District Prince Saud bin Mohammed bin Miqrin Rd.1
RiyadhPanda – Jarir District – Fatima Al-Zaharaa St.1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Hamra District King Abdullah Rd. cross Khalid Bin Al-Waled St.1
RiyadhHyper Panda – Ishbelia District Jaber Al-Sabbah St.1
RiyadhPanda – Al-Nahda District Abdurrahman Al-Nasser St.1
RiyadhAl-Makan mall – Prince Mohammed bin Saad Rd. – 1st floor in front of Banda1
RiyadhKing Saud University – University Center1
RiyadhImam Mohammed bin Saud University – University Admin1
RiyadhDar Al-Uloom University – Al-Falah District – Gate No.31
RiyadhRiyadh Region Governorate1
RiyadhMOL – Mursalat District1
RiyadhSTC – Al-Sewaidi Branch1
RiyadhMinistry of Commerce – Malaz – Omar ibn Al Khattab Rd., Exit 161
RiyadhPublic Transport Center – Southern Ring Rd.2
RiyadhKing Khalid International Airport2
RiyadhRiyadh Exhibition Center – King Abdullah Rd.1

Absher Machine is not just for activation of your online account. You can perform all the procedures by Absher machine as well which you was performing online by your mobile phone phone or computers.


Deri’yyahDeri’yyah Passports1
Deri’yyahDeri’yyah Civil Affairs1
Deri’yyahDeri’yyah Civil Affairs (Women)1

Al Kharj

KharjKharj Passports1
KharjKharj Civil Affairs1
KharjKharj Traffic1
KharjRoshan Market1
KharjAl-Hudaithi Mall – King Abdulaziz Rd. – Gate No. 21


JeddahJeddah Passports – Kundara branch2
JeddahJeddah Passports – Kundara branch (women)1
JeddahJeddah Passports – Rehab branch1
JeddahJeddah Passports – Tahliyah Mall2
JeddahJeddah Passports – Sairafi Mall2
JeddahJeddah Civil Affairs – Al-Safaa1
JeddahJeddah Civil Affairs – Al-Safaa (women)1
JeddahJeddah Civil Affairs – Jawad Center1
JeddahJeddah Civil Affairs – Jawad Center (women)1
JeddahHaifa Mall – Gate (7)1
JeddahArab Mall – Gate (2)1
JeddahAl-Salam Mall – between Gates 3 and 41
JeddahMahmal Commercial Centre – 6th floor1
JeddahAziz Mall – 1st floor1
JeddahRead Sea Mall – Gate No. (2) – 1st floor1
JeddahAl-Andalus Mall – Gate No. 52
JeddahAl Yasameen Mall – Gate No. 51
JeddahMinistry of Commerce – Baghdadia district, Amana Rd.1
JeddahKing Abdulaziz International Airport2
JeddahChamber of Commerce – Head Office1
JeddahNational Guard Hospital – Gate (3)1
JeddahKing Faisal Specialist Hospital – Gate (2)1
JeddahRecruitment Affairs Administration1


MakkahMakkah Civil Affairs1
MakkahMakkah – Alnoor Hospital
MakkahMakkah Region Governorate1
MakkahMakkah Mall – Gate (5)1
MakkahDeyafa Mall – Main Gate1
MakkahAl-Hijaz Market -Gate No. 31
MakkahMakkah Passports2


TaifTaif Civil Affairs1
TaifTaif Civil Affairs (Women)1
TaifJoury Mall – Gate No. 41
TaifTaif Airport1
TaifAl-Ameen Hospital – Main Gate1


MadinahMadinah Passports2
MadinahMadinah Civil Affairs1
MadinahMadinah Region Governorate1
MadinahMadinah Principality1
MadinahMadinah Traffic1
MadinahPrince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Intl Airport1
MadinahAl Noor Mall – Gate No. 41


DammamDammam Passports2
DammamDammam Civil Affairs1
DammamDammam Civil Affairs – Al-Shati Mall1
DammamDammam Civil Affairs – Al-Shati Mall (Women)1
DammamKing Fahd International Airport1
DammamWestern Dammam Traffic1
DammamEastern Region Governorate1
DammamChamber of Commerce – King Fahd Rd.1
DammamSTC – Al-Shati Branch1
DammamChamber of Commerce – Main Office1
DammamAl Shati Mall – Gate No. 11
DammamKing Fahd Specialist Hospital – Main Hall1
DammamHyper Panda – Al-Gameeyen District, Imam Ali bin Talib St.1
DammamHyper Panda – Al-Atheer District, Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz St.1
DammamHyper Panda – Al-Nada District, Abu Bakr Al-Sideeq St.1
DammamBanda – King Fahd District1


KhubarKhubar Passports2
KhubarKhubar Civil Affairs1
KhubarKhubar Civil Affairs Foad Center, Corniche Rd.1
KhubarKing Fahd Causeway Passports1
KhubarKhubar Traffic1
KhubarDahran Mall – Gate No. 121
KhubarFanar Complex (Hyper Panda) – Rakah, restaurants area1
KhubarBanda – Al-Jesr District – Al-Nu’man bin Haritha St.1


JubailJubail Passports2
JubailJubail Civil Affairs1
JubailHyper Banda – King Fahd1
JubailAl-Jubail Mall – Gate No.21
Jubail IndustrialFanateer Complex – Gate No. 31
Jubail IndustrialBanda – Al-Khaleel St.1


Hafr-el-BatinHafr-el-Batin Passports1
Hafr-el-BatinHafr-el-Batin Civil Affairs1
Hafr-el-BatinHyper Panda – King Abdulaziz Rd.1
Hafr-el-Batin-Aqareyah – King Salman Rd.1


HafufHafuf Passports1
HafufHafuf Civil Affairs1
HafufHafuf Passports (Women)1
HafufHafuf Traffic1
HafufAhsa International Airport1
HafufAhsa Mall – Gate No. 51
HafufOthaim Mall – Gate 41
HafufAl-Fawaris Mall1
HafufBanda – King Abdullah Rd, Qatar roundabout1


BuraydahBuraydah Passports1
BuraydahBuraydah Civil Affairs – Othaim Mall Branch1
BuraydahQaseem Traffic Department – Al-Safaa District1
BuraydahBuraydah Civil Affairs1
BuraydahQaseem Region Governorate1
BuraydahBanda – King Khalid Rd. – Besides Saco1
BuraydahBanda – Umar bin Al-Khattab (Ar-Rashideyat Bridge)1
BuraydahNaif bin Abdulaziz Airport1

Other Cities

OnaizahOnaizah Passports1
OnaizahOnaizah – Othaim Markets – Madinah Rd. – near the vegetables market1
OnaizahOnaizah Mall – Gate No. 11
OnaizahBanda – Ambassador Mohammed Al-Hamad Al-Shibely Rd. – O’clock square1
Al RassAl Rass Passports1
Al RassBanda – King Abdulaziz Rd.1
Al BekairiyaAl Bekairiya Passports1
Al BekairiyaAl Bekairiya Mall – Gate No. 21
Al-MuthnibOthaim Market – King Abdulaziz Rd.1
Al-BadaeBanda – Besides Dates Market1
Uyun AlJiwaUyun AlJiwa Passports1
HailHail Passports1
HailHail Civil Affairs1
HailHail Traffic1
HailHail Region Governorate1
HailHail Mall1
HailPanda – King Abdulaziz Rd. – In front of King Khalid General Hospital2
Bag’aaBag’aa Passports1
TaboukTabouk Passports1
TaboukTabouk Civil Affairs1
TaboukTabouk Region Governorate1
TaboukPrince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport – Arrival Gate1
DhibaaDhibaa Civil Affairs1
Al-WaghAl-Wagh Passports1
Ar’arAr’ar Civil Affairs1
Ar’arNorthern Border Region Governorate1
Ar’arValley Mall – between 2,3 gates, restaurants area1
TuraifTuraif General Hospital1
RafhaRafha Passports1
JazanJazan Passports1
JazanJazan Passport – Al-Rashid Complex1
JazanJazan Civil Affairs1
Farasan IslandFarasan Island Passports1
NajranNajran Passports1
NajranNajran Civil Affairs1
NajranNajran Royal Centre1
SharoraSharora Civil Affairs1
AbqaiqAbqaiq Mall – 1st floor1
KhafjiKhafji Passports1
KhafjiKhafji Mall1
DahranAramco Passports1
DhahranKing Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals – University Mall1
Ras TanuraRas Tanura Passports1
Ras TanuraPanda1
NairiyahNairiyah Passports1
QatifQatif Civil Affairs1
QatifPanda – Uhud Rd.1
Olaya VillageOlaya Village Passports1
Al-Batha PortAl-Batha Port1
SalwaSalwa Port Passports1
SakakahJouf Passports1
SakakahJouf Civil Affairs1
SakakahJouf Region Governorate1
QurayyatQurayyat Passports1
QurayyatQurayyat Civil Affairs1
Dawmat Al-JandalDawmat Al-Jandal Passports1
TabrajalTabrajal Passports1
SakakahAl-Jouf Plaza1
QurayyatQurayyat General Hospital1
BahaBaha Passports1
BahaBaha Civil Affairs1
BahaBaha Region Governorate1
BahaAl-Ghunaim Mall1
BahaRoyal Al-Aqeeq Mall1
Al-MandaqAl-Mandaq Passports1
BilgurashyBilgurashy Passports1
Al-MikhwahAl-Rayah Mall1
AbhaAbha Passports1
AbhaAbha Passports – Women1
AbhaAbha Civil Affairs1
AbhaAbha Traffic1
AbhaAseer Region Governorate1
AbhaAbha regional Airport1
MaHael AseerMaHael Aseer Passports1
MaHael AseerMaHael Aseer Civil Affairs1
Khamis MushaytKhamis Mushayt Passports1
Khamis MushaytKhamis Mushayt Civil Affairs1
Khamis MushaytAsdaf Mall- Gate No. 2 – Second Floor1
BishaBisha Passports1
Sarat UbaidahSarat Ubaidah Passports1
Dhahran Al-JanoubDhahran Al-Janoub Passports1
TathleethTathleeth Passports1
BelgarnBelgarn Passports1
Al-NamasAl-Namas Passports1
Al-MigadrahAl-Migadrah Passports1

YanbuYanbu Passports1
YanbuAl-Danah Mall – Gate No. 11
Al-OlaAl-Ola Passports1
Al-HinakeyahAl-Hinakeyah Passports1
Mahd Al-DhahabMahd Al-Dhahab Passports1
Al-LaithAl-Laith Traffic Department1
Al-QunfudahAl-Bandar Mall – Gate No. 31
RabighRabigh Mall1
RanyahAl-Thaghr Commercial Center1
HuraimlaaHuraimlaa Civil Affairs1
DawadmiDawadmi Passports1
AfifAfif Passports1
Al ZulfiAl Zulfi Passports1
Al ZulfiCity Mall1
Hutat-bani-TameemHutat-bani-Tameem Passports1
Hutat SedairHutat Sedair Passports1
AflajAflaj Passports1
Majma’aMajma’a Passports1
Majma’aBanda – King Faisal St.1
MuzahmiyahMuzahmiyah Passports1
QuwaiyiaQuwaiyia Passports1
DurmaDurma Traffic1
RumahRumah Passports1
Wadi-el-DawaserWadi-el-Dawaser Passports1
ShagraShagra Passports1
MaratMarat General Hospital1
El-GhatEl-Ghat Passports1
Al ArtawiyahAl Artawiyah Passports1