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5 New Penalties for Violating Social Distancing

Ministry of Interior announced that according to classification of violation of social distancing 5 new heavy penalties are implemented. This penalties are against the violation new laws implemented yesterday to stop the social gathering to control the spread of new corona Virus. As per new law gathering of more than 5 people are not allowed.

1 — Family gatherings:  Gathering inside homes, rest houses or farms for
more than one family. Fine will be 10,000 SAR.

2 — Non-family gatherings:  Gathering inside homes, rest houses, farms, camps, or open areas for the residents of one neighborhood or others.
Fine will be 15,000 SAR

3 — Gatherings at social events: Wedding events, parties, seminars,
salons, etc. Fine will be 30,000 SAR.

4 — Workers gatherings: A gathering of workers in the houses or buildings under construction, or rest houses, farms, etc., other than their residence/labor camp. Fine will be 50,000 SAR.

5 — Clusters in authorized shops: A gathering of shoppers or workers
inside or outside the commercial store in excess of the numbers
stipulated in the precautionary measures and preventive measures. Fine will be 5000 SAR for Every Individual.

Repeating the violation in category for the first time will double the penalty and with closure of 3 month in private sector.
Repeating the Violation in any category for the second time will double the penalty and with closure of 6 months in private sector. And case will be referred to public prosecution.