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24 Hour Curfew In Jeddah

As per recommendation of authorities to take the preventive and precautionary measures to fight against the spread of new corona virus (COVID-19) in Kingdom. And to insure the safety and health of nationals and Residents. Ministry of Interior announced the following.

Health related precautionary measures need to be taken in seven areas in Jeddah city by isolation them and imposing curfew in those areas. No on will allowed to enter or exit in that areas 24 hours starting from today 3:00 PM. Saturday 4 April 2020.

7 Areas of Jeddah City
(Kilo 14 Janub – Kilo 14 Shamal – Al Mahjar – Ghulail – Al Qurayat – Kilo 13 – Petromin)
(كيلو 14 جنوب، کيلو 14 شمال، المحجر، غليل، القريات، کيلو 13، بترومين)

People of these area are allowed to go out of homes between 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM for securing their need like food and medical and health issues.

This information was announced by Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia.