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24 Hour Curfew Imposed in one Region

An official source at the Ministry of the Interior stated, in the frameworks of the efforts the measures taken by Government of Saudi Arabia to combat the spread of New Corona Virus. On the Recommendation of Health authorities raising the precautionary and preventive measure to prevent the health and safety of citizens and residents.
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First — There will be 24 hour curfew in (Besh) Governorate of Jazan region.. AL so it is prohibited to enter into or exit from (Besh) starting from today 12th May 2020 until further notice. The Ban on entering or exiting from (Besh) does not include those employees working in vital government sectors or private sectors, who’s working required to be continuing during curfew.
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Second — With in the narrowest scope, residents of this region are allowed to leave their homes to full fill their necessary needs (Food & Medical), with in the neighborhood where they stay during the period from 9:00 am in the morning till 5:00 PM in the evening. Vehicle transportation is allowed within the neighborhood, but one person will be allowed along with driver.

Third — Performing in commercial activity in the neighborhood is prohibited, except health facilities, food supplies, pharmacies, gas stations, banking service, maintenance and operations work of plumbing, electric, AC technicians, water delivery services.