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24 Hour Curfew Imposed in 9 Cities – Breaking News

Ministry of Interior announced there will be 24 hour curfews in 9 cities of the Kingdom today. Here you can see the list of the cities where 24 hour curfew is imposed.

Riyadh – Tabuk – Dammam _ Dahran – Hafuf – Taif – Qatif – Al Khobar and All Parts of Jeddah
and Mekkah and Madinah which was announced before.

Kingdom take this action to confront the corona virus pandemic and following the recommendations of health authorities to increase the preventive and precautionary measures to preserve the safety and health of the citizens and residents in the Kingdom of saudi Arabia.
COVID-19 Cases in Each City today ( 6-4-2020)

  • The curfew will be in all parts of these cities with the ban of entering in and exiting from these cities. this restriction will not be effective for medical staff and security authorities.
  • With limited scope the people of all these cities are allowed to leave their homes to meet the necessary needs such as buying food or for health issues with in the neighborhood where they reside during the period of 6:00 am till 3:00 PM. (Means if they are living in Al Maruj – Riyadh so they cannot go out from Maruj district).
  • During this period only adults are allowed to go out of home in case of necessary needs to insure the children are not exposed to case the transmission.
  • Vehicle transportation will be allowed only within the residential neighborhood of all these cities. only one person is allowed with the driver to reduce the contact.
  • Any commercial activity in all these cities will not be allowed except Pharmacies – Food Supply Stores – Gas Stations – Banking Services – Maintenance and operation works of electrical, plumbing air conditioning – water delivery services and sewage tanks services.
    Cancel Exit Re-Entry Visa Before it get Expire to avoid fine.

Ministry assure the public that these measures has been taken with in the frame work of Kingdom efforts to fight against the spread of new corona virus.