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24 Hour Curfew Imposed

Ministry of interior imposed 24 hour curfew in 2 districts (Al Faisliyah & AL Fadhliyah) of Al Ahsa city. No one will be allowed to exit or enter in these 2 districts.

The Ministry said the decision is taken on the recommendations of the health authorities to strengthen the precautionary measures to control the spread of new corona virus in the country. And to ensure the health and safety of the citizens and residents. It was decided as following

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Implementing health precautionary measure by isolation these 2 areas ( Al-Faisliyah and AL Fadaliyah) in AL Ahsa Governorate, and preventing the exit and entry in these 2 neighborhood. And 24 hour curfew imposed from today till further notice.

  • Allowing residents of these both areas to leave their home only for necessary needs (Food & Medical ) with in the isolation zones during 6:00 AM in the morning till 3:00 PM in the afternoon.
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  • The Ministry of interior declaring this measure is taken with in the efforts made by Kingdom to preserve the public health by preventing the spread of corona virus.