21 Million Chinese Mobile Numbers Disappear From Network

A Major drop of 21 million cellphone users in chine over the past 2 months may indicate a higher death toll due the corona-virus then what the Chinese government officially announced. Many countries are questioning whether China is lying about the extent of COVID-19’s impact on its own country.
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Officially China Reported nearly 82,000 cases of corona-virus with only 3,300 death cases. Every day it showing a small number of cases increasing which can be handled easily. They announced large number of recovery cases as they ends up the lock-down of Wuhan the city of 11 million people.
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Chines Ministry of Information Technology issued latest report of number of users in each province. And compared with previous report which was issued in November 2019, the cell phone users dropped dramatically. The number of cell phone users dropped from 1.601 billion to 1.58 Billion a drop of 21 million users in 2 month.
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