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Check if Any Police Case Registered on Your Iqama

The Ministry of Justice has revealed a reliable way of knowing if there is any legal case against Expats and Saudis before dealing with them in loans, financial guarantees, social guarantees or marriages. You can check the details of the cases or can check there is any register case registered against you in Saudi Arabia. […]

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Updated Iqama Fees for 2021 and Dependent fees for 2022

Iqama is a residence permit card for expatriates to live and work in Saudi Arabia. Iqama is issued for one year and to be renew early. To renew the Iqama, employer or employee must pay 3 different fees (1) Work Permit Fees (2) MOI Iqama Fees (3) Health Insurance Fees Saudi Arabia’s Iqama renewal Fee […]

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Update New Passport Information Online (Nakal Maloomat)

Ministry of Interior (ABSHER) Introduce the new procedure to update the passport information after renewal. This procedure allow expatriates to update their dependent passport information (Nakal Maloomat — نقل المعلومات) by them self by online protal of ABSHER, through website or Absher App. Read More : End of Service Benefit Calculator in Saudi Arabia Read […]

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Jawazat Clarification for Iqama Renewal

The General Directorate of Passports stated that the renewal of the residency will be done automatically in coordination with the National Information Center for all expatriates, according to what was received from the Ministry of Human Resources.Read More : Salary Delay and Deduction issues in Saudi Arabia Read More: Iqama Fees in Saudi Arabia (2020) […]

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Salary Deduction or Delay Issue

If any amount is deducted from the salary of the employee for reasons other than mentioned in Saudi Labor Law without written consent from the employee, The employee can submit a request to the Commission of settlement of Labor disputes. An Employee or his representative or the head of the competent Labor Office may submit […]

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Employee Contract Conditions 2020

Employer’s or Sponsor’s Responsibility on Expatriate Employees in Saudi Arabia (Article 40 of Saudi Labor Law) : 1 — The Employer in Saudi Arabia is responsible for the cost of recruiting new employees and expatriates into the country. 2 — The cost of residence permit and work permit for expatriate employee should be bear by […]

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50% Discount on STC due Bills

STC has announced an initiative to facilitate the payment of old billing debts, which includes providing discounts on billing value up to 50%, which will enable clients with previous debts to solve their debt problems easily and conveniently. Read More: Iqama Expiry Fine Read More: 9 steps if Iqama get lost in KSA The company […]