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115,585 COVID-19 Test Has Been Performed

Ministry of Health Announced that since the first COVID-19 Positive case was reported, we start performing COVID-19 Tests. We started tracing the people those recently travel from the country where already this virus has been spread. Data was taken by saudi immigration departments. We locate them and started isolating them we also isolate those people were in closes contact to the people comes from abroad.
Most of the people were sent back home after complete the quarantine period in isolation and no symptoms appear.
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Ministry said that so far we have performed 115,858 COVID-19 test for for suspect cases, and found 3287 positive cases.

These infected patients are in complete isolation, 666 patients are recovered so far and many are getting better day by day.
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Ministry request to the nation to keep following instructions of social distancing and avoid person to person contact. Don’t go out without necessary needs. Every individual is responsible to fight against this deadly virus and you can contribute only by stop social gathering and person to person contact.